After completing the CARES® Dementia Basics program, you'll want to continue with CARES® Dementia Advanced Care. It includes six modules on specific topics and concerns like making a connection, eating, pain, wandering, falls, and eliminating restraints. These modules also use a wide variety of exercises and video activities of real people with dementia, CNAs, and staff members. Like our Basics program, users have commented that this is the best dementia-care training available.

This program is ideal for staff at nursing homes and assisted living facilities (CNAs, nurses, supervisors, social workers, administrators, activity directors, and dietary, laundry, housekeeping, and transportation staff), assisted living, hospice, home health organizations, adult day programs, governmental offices, and social service agencies, as well as for police, fire, and other first responders.

CARES was developed with the national office of the Alzheimer's Association, with input from a national team of experts, and is consistent with the latest evidence-based research from the Alzheimer’s Association Campaign for Quality Residential Care Practice Recommendations. And, you can get certified by the Alzheimer's Association in essentiALZ® Plus. Just complete CARES Dementia Advanced Care, take and pass the essentiALZ Plus certification exam*, and become certified. EssentiALZ Plus certification allows you to be prepared, demonstrate knowledge, and feel confident in the advanced care of people with dementia.

Note: To be able to access the essentiALZ Plus certification exam, you must be currently certified in Alzheimer's Association essentiALZ. To purchase CARES® Dementia Basics and get or renew your essentiALZ certification, click here.

The 6 modules include:

1. Making a Connection with the Person
2. Eating Well
3. Recognizing Pain
4. Minimizing Falls
5. Rethinking Wandering
6. Minimizing and Eliminating Restraints

See for yourself some reasons why this training program gets rave reviews.