CARES Dementia Specialist
The C.D.S. Credential

Become a CARES® Dementia Specialist™ (C.D.S.) and get recognized for successfully completing the entire HealthCare Interactive CARES® online dementia training curriculum (6 courses/32 modules/32 hours) and passing the C.D.S. credentialing exam. By completing these requirements, submitting your training documentation, and being approved, you will be able to use the C.D.S. credential after your name, on your resume, or on a business card. You will also be placed on our national registry.

What do caregivers say about the C.D.S. and the CARES®Approach?

Programs You Need to Complete

The CARES® curriculum consists of 32 hours of online dementia education. You will have 10-day access to each of the individual programs. You may begin each 10-day access period on the date of your choice (you can take a break between courses). We recommend you begin with CARES Dementia Basics. Then, complete the other 5 courses in any order you wish.

The C.D.S. courses include:

  • CARES® Dementia Basics™
  • CARES® Dementia Advanced Care™
  • CARES® Dementia-Related Behavior™
  • CARES® Activities of Daily Living™
  • CARES® End-of-Life Dementia Care™
  • CARES® Dementia Care for Families™

If you have previously completed any of the courses above, please call us at (952) 928-7722 and we will assist you with placing your order with the appropriate discount.

Take Your Credentialing Exam

After you have completed all of the above programs, you will be given access to take the C.D.S. credentialing exam. You must pass the exam with a score of 90% or higher. If you do not pass the exam, you can take it again at no additional cost. Any notes you take when completing the programs can be used on the credentialing exam. The exam is divided by program, so you can reference notes from each program for each section of the exam.

Submit Your Documentation for Approval

Once you complete all CARES courses and pass the CARES credentialing exam, you must submit your documentation for approval to officially become a CARES Dementia Specialist.Print the form below, fill it out, attach copies of your training certificates and C.D.S. exam certification, and submit to HealthCare Interactive for approval. Once we verify you have met all of the requirements, we will e-mail you with an official confirmation and will mail your recognition package to you.

Print the C.D.S. Submission Form

Renewing Your C.D.S. Credential

Your CARES Dementia Specialist credential is valid for two years from the date of approval. Approximately six months before your expiration date, you will receive an automated e-mail encouraging you to begin the renewal process. Special versions of CARES programs are available for recertification at a 50% discount and with only 10 minute requirements for each module (not 40 minutes). Once you have met the C.D.S. requirements and submitted your materials for re-evaluation, your C.D.S. credential will be extended for another two-year period.

Purchase - Individuals

Purchase the CARES® Complete Catalog™ for Individuals (with CARES Dementia Specialist Credential) for $199.95. This gives you everything you need to access all programs, take credentialing exam, and earn your CARES Dementia Specialist (C.D.S.) credential.

CARES Complete Catalog for Individuals - $199.95

Directions: To purchase, click the Add to Cart button below.

Purchase - Organizations

Purchase the CARES® Complete Catalog™ for an annual price of $2,499.95 or $3,999.95 for a two year license (per site location). Then, purchase credential processing vouchers for $50.00/each so staff can earn their CARES Dementia Specialist credential.

Once staff takes the credentialing exam, submit their information, and are approved, they will receive:

  • A CARES Dementia Specialist certificate that you can frame
  • A CARES Dementia Specialist lapel pin
  • A congratulations letter from HealthCare Interactive's CEO and founder, John Hobday
  • C.D.S. communication guidelines
Directions: Organizations will need to follow a two-step purchasing process.
Step 1: Purchase CARES Complete Catalog for Organizations.

Note: The $50 credentialing process vouchers must be purchased separately.

Make your selection below, and click the Add To Cart button to continue.

1-Year "Unlimited User" Site License (per location)
(a $7,500 total value)

This license allows you to train and certify all staff working at any one facility or site location in each of the complete-catalog programs for one low annual price. Note: If your organization has more than one location, each location must purchase a separate license.
2-Year "Unlimited User" Site License (per location)
(a $15,000 total value)

Only $1,999.95/year with a 2-year purchase (save $1,000 per site location)

Step 2: Purchase Credentialing Voucher.

Note: The CARES Complete Catalog must be purchased separately.

CARES Dementia Specialist Exam Voucher - $50.00

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Questions and Comments
If you have any questions about CARES online dementia care training or the C.D.S. credentialing program, please contact HealthCare Interactive.