Frequently Asked Questions

Audio and Video Issues
Printing Certificates
Group Training
Printing or Reprinting Your essentiALZ® Certificate
Continuing Education


1. Can I place an order over the phone?

Answer: Yes. Please call our sales office at (952) 928-7722. We will be happy to assist you. Our regular business hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Central Time), Monday through Friday.

2. Can I pay by check?

Answer: Yes. Simply select "Pay by Check" when placing your order, print a copy of your invoice, and mail it in with your check. Access to your training program will become available when the check is received in our offices. For immediate access to a training program, please pay by credit card.

3. My facility requires vendor set-up before purchasing a program. How do I get information for that?

Answer: Please contact us, and a sales representative will contact you shortly.

4. How do I get a Form W9 or DUNS Number for HealthCare Interactive?

Answer: You may download Form W9 at Our Dunn & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® Number is 0902028750000. Our NAICS industry codes are 334611, 541511, 611420. Our SIC industry codes are 7371 and 7372.


1. How do I log in to one of the HealthCare Interactive training programs?

Answer: Go to, and enter your "Product Key." Instructions on how to activate your Product Key are located on the receipt that was e-mailed to you when you purchased your training program.

2. How do I log into my "administrative tracking" report?

Answer: Go to, and log into your administrative account with the user name and password you set up when you purchased your training program.

3. What do I do if I enter a "continuous loop" during the log-in process?

Answer: Some customers report issues with Internet Explorer causing a continuous loop during the log-in process. We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser while completing the CARES® training. Google Chrome will also automatically update your Adobe® Flash® Player regularly.

You can download Google Chrome for free at If you wish to continue using your current browser and are experiencing technical issues, try updating your Flash Player at and re-starting your computer. If you work at a facility, you may need to contact your technical support department to do this.

If you are still experiencing issues after trying these suggestions, please contact us.

Audio and Video Issues

1. Why won’t my audio play?

Answer: Most of the time, this is a simple fix:

  • Make sure your speakers are turned on.
  • Make sure the volume control on your computer is set high enough.
    (Double-click the speaker or audio icon on your desktop menu bar, and adjust the volume. Or access your control panel, select the "Sound" category, and adjust the volume for your computer system.)
  • Make sure your speaker is not on "mute." If your mute option is turned on, a red line will usually appear across your speaker or audio icon. Simply click it, and de-select the mute option.
  • Test your computer sound by going to another website (like You Tube or CNN) to see if you can hear audio on a non-HealthCare Interactive site.
  • From within one of our training programs, roll your cursor over the speaker icon to make sure the volume on the product is set high enough.
  • In case your audio settings were accidentally changed, shut down and restart your computer. This can often reset your audio settings.

2. How do I turn off the narrator within a training program?

Answer: If you prefer not to hear the narrator within one of our training programs, you can do one of the following:

  • Turn off your computer speakers.
  • On the bottom bar of most of our programs, look for a "Read To Me" button. Click on it, and turn the narrator off.
  • In case your audio settings were accidentally changed, shut down and restart your computer, which may reset them.

3. Why won’t my video clips play?

Answer: Video issues happen for one of only three reasons.

  • You do not have Adobe® Flash® Player installed. Please install the latest free version at To view a list of Flash Player certified devices, please visit
  • Your facility or organization blocks online audio videos (.MP3 format) or Flash video files (.FLV format). Please check with your IT (Information Technology) department. If you are blocking .MP3 and .FLV files, an administrative request may have to be made to specifically allow files from the " server."
  • Your firewall is blocking online videos, MP3 files, or Flash video files. Please check your settings, or check with your IT department.

4. Why does my video stop and start...or play in a “choppy” way?

Answer: Some of our customers experience "choppy" videos. This usually happens for one of only a few reasons.

  • You are not on a high-speed connection (DSL/Cable/T1/T3) to the Internet.
    Our programs are highly video based and require a high-speed Internet connection. If you "dial in" or reconnect to the Internet each time you use it, you may have a dial-up connection to the Internet. A dial-up connection will cause video to appear “choppy.”
  • There are too many people using the Internet from your network.
    If you work for an organization with many other computer users, or if you are accessing the program from a coffee shop or other location with many other users, there may be too much network traffic to handle the videos in our programs. As a test, try logging on in the early morning or late evening to see if you experience similar issues.

Remember: You can always access our training programs from any computer with a high-speed Internet connection. So, if you are having trouble accessing the video clips within our program, try a different computer at the library, a friend or relative’s house, at work, at school, or at a coffee shop.

Printing Certificates

1. Why can’t I print my online training certificate of completion?

Answer: To print your certificate of completion, you must access or view every screen in every module of the program. You must also spend the minimum amount of time in each module reading or listening to the text, viewing all videos, and completing all activities. Doing so will also increase your ability to score well on the Alzheimer's Association® essentiALZ certification exam if you are completing CARES® Dementia Basics or CARES® Dementia Advanced Care programs.

To see your progress, simply click the "View Course Progress" button on the Main Menu of the online training program you are completing.

  • A green check mark means you have completed the requirements for the designated module.
  • A red X means you have not viewed or accessed each screen in the designated module and/or have not spent enough time on each screen. Go back to each of these modules and complete more screens or spend more time in the module until you have a green check mark.

2. My computer is not hooked up to a printer, but I completed all of the modules. How do I print my certificate?

Answer: Don’t worry. You can print your certificate from any computer that is connected to a printer and has Internet access. Your course progress has been saved and won’t be lost by changing computers. Simply log in to the program again on the computer that is connected to a printer. Use the same Product Key you used to access the program on the first computer. Then click the Print Completion Certificate button from the Main Menu.

3. My CARES subscription has expired so how can I re-print my CARES completion certificate?

Answer: You can still reprint your certificate. Simply log in to your “My Account” page by going to and enter the username and password you used to set up your account and make your CARES purchase. When you get to your “My Account” page, scroll to your purchase bar at the bottom of the page and click on the “View Report” link to pull up your name or the list of staff names that have logged into CARES. You can sort this list at the top of the page to pull up only those that have completed the program. At the bottom of each person’s name is a “Print Certificate” button. This will allow you to print the 10-hour, 4-hour and/or 6-hour certificate(s).

Group Training

1. I am an administrator. Can I use a CARES® training program in a group session and keep accurate records of group sessions?

Answer: Yes, if you have purchased a 30-day "unlimited-user" site license or a 1-year "unlimited-user" site license. View the step-by-step instructions for group training to learn how to use CARES in a group session and keep accurate records of group sessions.

2. I am an administrator. Can I print completion certificates for each member of a group training session?

Answer: Yes, if you have purchased a 30-day "unlimited-user" site license or a 1-year "unlimited-user" site license. View the step-by-step instructions to print training certificates to learn how to print certificates for your group training participants.

Printing or Reprinting Your essentiALZ® Certificate

How do I print or reprint my essentiALZ certificate?

Have you already taken and passed a certification exam? To print or reprint an essentiALZ certificate, just go to and click on the Print a Certificate button for instructions.

Continuing Education

Can I get continuing education credit for any of your training programs?

Yes. We offer continuing education (CE) credit for one of our bundled training programs: CARES Dementia Basics and CARES Dementia Advanced Care. This 10-hour, 10-module bundled program has been approved as meeting CE requirements for the following disciplines by the professional organizations listed in parentheses:

  • Activity Professionals (NCCAP/10.0 hours)
  • Administrators (NAB/10.0 hours)
  • Certified Dietary Managers (ANFP/10.0 hours)
  • Nurses (ANCC/10.0 hours)
  • Social Workers (ASWB/10.0 hours)

CE is not available for the following programs:

  • CARES® Dementia Basics
  • CARES® Dementia Advanced Care
  • CARES® Dementia-Related Behavior
  • CARES® Activities of Daily Living
  • CARES® Dementia Care for Families

However, we encourage people who have successfully completed these training programs to approach their state professional/regulatory boards to determine if the training might meet any current continuing education requirements.

For more information about CARES® continuing education, go to