CARES® Dementia Basics and Activities of Daily Living
Bundle Purchase

14 modules, 14 hours

(Includes access to the Alzheimer's Association essentiALZ® and essentiALZ® Plus certification exams)

Note: You must have essentiALZ certification in order to access any essentiALZ Plus exam, so complete the training programs in order. All certifications are good for 2 years.

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Individual Licenses

An individual license gives one individual 10 days to get trained and qualify for certification.
The 10-day period begins once you activate the program, not upon purchase.

10-Day Individual License

"Unlimited User" Licenses

An "unlimited user" license allows you to train and certify all staff members working at any one facility or site location in two programs for one low annual price. Note: If your organization has more than one location, each location must purchase a separate license, or you must purchase a "limited user" site license.
1-Year "Unlimited User" Site License (per location)

"Limited User" Licenses

A "limited user" license has three major benefits: It allows you to train and certify up to a set number of individuals within your organization, regardless of the location where they work; it allows you to track all users with the same Product Key; and it allows training to be done over the course of a one-year period instead of 10 days per user.
1-Year Multiple User License (for up to 25 Users)
1-Year Multiple User License (for up to 100 Users)

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