CARES® Late-Stage Dementia Care is a 3-module (3-hour) program that includes care strategies for people in the later stages of dementia who are no longer able to perform basic activities of daily living such as brushing their teeth, dressing themselves, or feeding themselves. The strategies center around the CARES® Approach, HealthCare Interactive’s trademarked step-by-step approach to any situation with any resident at any level of thinking decline.

This program is ideal for employees at nursing homes including CNAs, nurses, supervisors, social workers, administrators, and activity directors, as well as dietary, laundry, housekeeping, security, and transportation staff. It can also be used in assisted living and hospice settings, home health organizations, adult day programs, and governmental and social service agencies, as well as with police, fire, and other first responders.

Developed in conjunction with the Alzheimer’s Association and a national team of experts, CARES Late Stage is based on clinical research findings and covers training specific to caring for a person in the later stages of dementia.

The 3 modules include:

1. Introduction to Dementia
2. Rethinking Activities
3. Toileting

See for yourself some reasons why this training program gets rave reviews.