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If you have previously been trained in CARES and certified in essentiALZ,
it may be time for you to get recertified. Purchase one of the
CARES recertification training programs today.

Training(s) Recertification(s)
CARES® Dementia Basics essentiALZ®
CARES® Dementia Advanced Care essentiALZ® Plus Dementia Advanced Care
CARES® Dementia-Related Behavior essentiALZ® Plus Dementia-Related Behavior
CARES® Activities of Daily Living essentiALZ® Plus Activities of Daily Living
CARES® End-of-Life Dementia Care essentiALZ® Plus End-of-Life Dementia Care

Simply review the CARES training, retake the essentiALZ certification exam, and become certified for another two years.

  • The CARES recertification courses have been designed so that the length of time required to finish each module is shorter, reducing time away from work or other responsibilities.
  • Complete each CARES module in a minimum of 10 minutes, reducing staff training time by more than 75%.
  • The CARES recertification courses do not qualify for continuing education credit (CEUís) because the time requirement is only 10 minutes for each module. If you would like CEU's you must take the full length courses.
  • View updated facts and figures about dementia from the Alzheimerís Association.
  • Retake your certification exam to reinforce your knowledge of quality dementia care practices.
  • Get recertified in essentiALZ and essentiALZ Plus.
  • Celebrate your recertification.

Important: This product is only for those who have previously taken the CARES training and been certified in essentiALZ or essentiALZ Plus. If you are new to the program, please visit

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CARES® Dementia Basics Recertification

CARES® Dementia Advanced Care Recertification

CARES® Dementia-Related Behavior Recertification

CARES® Activities of Daily Living Recertification

CARES® End-of-Life Dementia Care Recertification