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EssentiALZ® Certification


Hello again, and welcome to "Explore HCI." In this video, we will be learning about Alzheimer's Association® essentiALZ® certification.

Many of the CARES® professional courses include access to either the essentiALZ or essentiALZ Plus certification exams. Make sure to look for the essentiALZ logos by any of the CARES courses to make sure it's offered.

Being certified in essentiALZ is a great way to get recognized for the quality dementia training you've completed through HealthCare Interactive. Once you've passed the exam, you'll be issued an individual essentiALZ certificate with your name, certification date, and expiration date which can be displayed in your office, home, or facility!

EssentiALZ is a nationally known certification program through the national Alzheimer's Association and allows you to be prepared, demonstrate knowledge, and feel confident in the care of people with dementia.

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