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The CARES® Approach


Hello again, and welcome to "Explore HCI." In this clip, we'll be talking about HealthCare Interactive's CARES® Approach.

HealthCare Interactive values person-centered care and believes it's a necessity when caring for someone with dementia—and that's why HCI developed the CARES Approach.

The foundation for all of HCI's caregiving techniques stems from the CARES Approach. CARES is not only a caregiving strategy, but a helpful acronym to help you provide person-centered care. In step 1 you "Connect with the person," in step 2 you should "Assess behavior" then, "Respond appropriately, "Evaluate what works" and last,"Share with others."

Throughout every CARES training program, the CARES Approach is used and discussed on a regular basis, and we encourage you to incorporate the CARES Approach in your home or facility, as well!

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