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CARES® Promotional Materials


Hello again, and welcome to "Explore HCI." In this clip, we will be presenting CARES® promotional items.

HealthCare Interactive offers CARES® reminder cards, pins, posters, flyers, and stickers!

Purchasing the CARES promotional items serves many purposes: putting posters in your break rooms reminds your staff to use the CARES Approach on a daily basis; the CARES pins, stickers, and CARES Approach cards can be used as a training recognition tool with your staff; and the flyers can be hung in your lobby to show families and potential residents that you are committed to quality dementia care.

You can mix and match the different items to best suit the needs of your facility or home.

Thanks for tuning in to "Explore HCI." You can find all our CARES promotional items on our Resources page.

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