Cares - Dementia Advanced Care

Here's your chance to "test drive" CARES® Dementia Advanced Care for Professional caregivers. Click each button to experience a few of the many screens included in this program.
Real-life examples of the CARES® Approach appear throughout the program, so that users can learn the technique and effectiveness of this approach first hand. Professional caregivers explain each step and point out the subtle aspects of this approach to help users polish their skills.
Users have the chance to select and ask questions of nurses, aides, family members, and other caregivers through this video interview approach. A "Conduct an Interview" exercise is included for all core topics.
On this screen, users have the chance to try the first step of the CARES® Approach by reviewing background information about a particular woman and deciding how they would "connect" with her. Clicking Check Answer gives users immediate feedback, so they can find out how well they understand the material—and it reinforces concepts.
Here, users have the chance to "assess" a person's behavior—the second step in the CARES® Approach—by reading about a situation and then deciding on a cause or reason. Clicking Check Answer provides some logical reasons for the person's behavior and some helpful ways to respond.
The third step in the CARES® Approach is "Respond Appropriately." Users are presented with several different caregiving situations and then asked to choose how they would respond from three different choices. Each choice provides feedback to reinforce concepts and further learning.
In this "Evaluate What Works" activity (the "E" step in the CARES® Approach) users have the chance to "evaluate" video footage of a real-life situation with a caregiver. Periodically, the video pauses and the user is asked to rank how well the caregiver's approach is working. Users are given immediate feedback to their answer when the video resumes.