Savvy 'Homework' CD-ROM

Here’s your chance to "test drive" Savvy "Homework" CD-ROM. Simply click on each button to experience a few of the many screens included in this program. Each screen will automatically play a demonstration, so sit back and enjoy the ride!

The valuable CD-ROM has 6 sections: Introduction to the Program, Introduction to Alzheimer's disease, Introduction to Caregiving, Complete the Assessment (real video examples to help determine a person's stage of dementia), Strategies for Caregiving (helpful stage-by-stage strategies for 14 topics), and Video Advice for Caregivers (over one hour of video advice).

The CD gives you a thorough introduction to Alzheimer's and dementia. It explains the changes in thinking that occur over time and how they affect your loved one. There is also a 17-screen section on caregiving which covers that most important concerns of caregivers.
If you are not sure how progressed your family member's memory loss is, or whether he or she might have dementia, this video-based assessment is a great tool. You'll see people with memory loss and dementia performing activities at the various stages of the disease. This makes it easy to compare your family member's abilities to what you see in the video and gain a better understanding of your situation.
A Strategies for Caregiving section gives you practical tips on assisting your family member with 14 of the most common daily activities such as managing finances, shopping, travel, and medications. The tips, or caregiving strategies, are organized by the seven stages or levels of decline. This helps you to stay focused on just what you need to do in a particular stage. As your family member's abilities change, you can access the tips for the next level.
Dementia experts and caregivers offer advice on common caregiving issues that you might be facing such as home safety, driving, or dealing with stress and agitation. This Homework CD includes more than one hour of video advice from these professionals.
Caregiving can be demanding! The CD includes a section that gives practical advice and tips on how to take care of yourself and get help from others. It addresses typical caregiver emotions, new ways to look at the situation, and how to find emotional support.

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