Savvy Caregiver Online

Here’s your chance to "test drive" Savvy Caregiver Online. Simply click on each button to experience a few of the many screens included in this program. Each screen will automatically play a demonstration, so sit back and enjoy the ride!
Through video "interviews," you'll have the chance to ask questions of family caregivers, experts in dementia care, and even people with Alzheimer's disease. The program includes more than 100 video clips that focus on different thinking skills lost with dementia such as memory, judgment, and reasoning. Simply select a question of interest to you, and then find out what experts, experienced caregivers, and people with dementia have to say.
Have you tried different approaches with your family member that have not worked? You're not alone. We've included many examples of some of the most common (and often unsuccessful) situations like getting ready for a doctor's appointment, dressing appropriately, discouraging driving, and more. Then, we contrast these examples to what we call a "Savvy Approach"—something that may work better the next time you face the same situation.
Taking on the role of caregiver can be emotionally challenging. For spouses, it's not easy to shift your position from an equal partner to the leader in the relationship. For adult children, it's not easy changing your view of a parent from an authority figure to a person you need to guide and assist in most matters. In this section, you'll hear common caregiver concerns regarding "taking the lead" and how caregivers find peace with these concerns.
The program explains three important factors that affect behavior—the person himself or herself, the surroundings, and the caregiver or other people. On this screen, you'll hear from caregivers and experts about how these factors came into play in situations they experienced with someone with dementia. Drag the slider to the different stages of dementia and compare how the impact of each factor changes as dementia progresses.
Exercises throughout the modules let you apply the concepts you've learned to real-life situations. Check Answer feedback reinforces ideas and provides suggestions for ways to respond to different caregiving situations.

The Savvy Caregiver Online is great for professionals, too! The video clips, interactions, and exercises provide excellent training for professional caregivers. Plus, you'll hear directly from families about their insights and many concerns. Purchase an individual license, or purchase an "unlimited-user" site license so all families and staff members associated with your organization can use the program as often as they wish.

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