Administrative Tracking

The CARES® online training programs automatically track each participant’s progress as he or she advances through the program.


  • Allows you to evaluate the individual progress of your staff members
  • Reports can be run for one week or one year
  • Excellent documentation for your facility and for compliance with surveyors

Sample report

As the purchaser of CARES, you will have access to an administrative tracking report with the following information for each person completing the program:
  • Name of person taking training
  • Number of modules started (Modules started, but not completed, have a red "X" next to them.)
  • Number of modules completed (Modules completed have green check marks next to them.)
  • Date the person last accessed the training (by module)
  • Number (and percentage) of screens completed in each module.
  • The required (and actual) time the user has spent on each module.

          Note: In order to get a green check mark for a given module, the person much visit all screens in the module
          (e.g., 10 out of 10) and meet the minimum time required (e.g., 40 minutes).

          Note: Administrative tracking automatically stops tracking the user if more than 5 minutes passes without any
          program usage. This ensures that someone who is called away for a phone call or care need is not
          continually tracked.

Free Access to Administrative Tracking Reports

Access to Administrative Tracking is free with any CARES online training purchase. Simply do the following:
  1. Order one of the CARES online training programs for yourself or your organization.
  2. Have staff members begin to use CARES.
  3. Log in to My Account with the User ID and Password you created when you purchased CARES.
  4. Click on the Administrative Tracking link.
  5. View the report online, or print a copy of the report.

If you have any questions, please contact us.