CARES® Dementia Certification is now included at no additional cost with CARES® Dementia Advanced Care.

About CARES® Dementia Advanced Care

After completing the CARES® Dementia Basics program, you'll want to continue with CARES® Dementia Advanced Care. It includes six modules on specific topics and concerns like making a connection, eating, pain, wandering, falls, and eliminating restraints. These modules also use a wide variety of exercises and video activities of real people with dementia, CNAs, and staff members. Like our Basics program, users have commented that this is the best dementia-care training available.

This program has 6 modules (6 hours). The modules include:

  1. Making a Connection with the Person
  2. Eating Well
  3. Recognizing Pain
  4. Minimizing Falls
  5. Rethinking Wandering
  6. Minimizing and Eliminating Restraints

CARES® was developed with the Alzheimer’s Association, with input from a national team of experts. CARES content incorporates evidence-based strategies from the Alzheimer's Association Dementia Care Practice Recommendations that have been supported by more than 30 leading health and senior care organizations. View and print a summary of academic research and national awards related to CARES® online training programs.

About CARES® Dementia Certification

CARES Dementia Certification recognizes and tests a user’s dementia understanding and dementia care knowledge from the Alzheimer’s Association Dementia Care Practice Recommendations and published CARES research studies of select CARES online dementia care training programs. Organizations are encouraged to advertise their use of CARES certification to help promote their businesses. CARES Dementia Certification is optional and is included at no additional cost with the purchase of CARES Dementia Advanced Care. Successful completion of the exam recognizes users for being educated about dementia and for being trained and certified in person-centered dementia care practices using the CARES® Approach. Learn more about CARES Dementia Certification.

Other Benefits

CARES Dementia Basics offers additional benefits such as:

  1. Free CARES® Worksheets for each training module
  2. Free continuing education self-submit packets for professional staff members
  3. Cost-saving purchasing options for single sites
  4. Flexible purchasing options for multi-location organizations

CARES Administrative Portal access

With any site license purchase, you will receive access to our CARES Administrative Portal to:

  1. Manage training compliance.
  2. Evaluate the individual progress of all staff members.
  3. Run customized reports for any time period.
  4. Download detailed documentation including employee name, module status, and date of program completion.
  5. Print individual completion certificates for group training sessions.