Are you concerned about the possibility of memory loss? Or, are you caring for a loved one with memory loss or dementia and would like to learn more about the disease and about caregiving techniques? Like our CARES® series of products designed for professionals, this program centers around the CARES® Approach and offers many practical strategies to common caregiving concerns.

"CARES" stands for:

C - Connect with the Person
A - Assess Behavior
R - Respond Appropriately
E - Evaluate What Works
S - Share with Others

The program is rich with activities and video interviews with family caregivers, people with dementia, and dementia experts. We suggest that facility administrators purchase a site license that includes families so that everyone (staff and families) can have a common understanding and language around the CARES Approach and dementia care.

CARES® Dementia Care for Families was funded in part by a grant from the National Institute on Aging and was developed in conjunction with the national office of the Alzheimer’s Association and a national team of experts.

The 3 modules (3 hours) include:

1. Understanding Memory Loss
2. Living with Dementia
3. Using the CARES® Approach

See for yourself some reasons why this training program gets rave reviews.