About CARES® Activities of Daily Living

The CARES® Activities of Daily Living Online Training Program focuses on the activities of daily living (ADLs) across all levels of thinking decline, progressing from normal thinking to the first signs of dementia all the way to late and end stages of the disease process. In each level of decline, specific strategies are presented for a variety of ADLs including bathing, dressing, eating, grooming, mouth care, and using the bathroom. Since a lot of the direct care you provide is related to ADLs, these thoughtful and effective strategies can be used immediately with anyone for whom you provide care.

This program has 10 modules (10 hours). The modules include:

  1. Dementia and the CARES® Approach
  2. Creating Meaning in Activities of Daily Living
  3. Recognizing and Managing Pain
  4. Bathing
  5. Dressing
  6. Eating
  7. Grooming
  8. Mouth Care
  9. Using the Bathroom
  10. Mobility, Transferring, and Positioning

CARES® was developed with the Alzheimer’s Association, with input from a national team of experts. CARES content incorporates evidence-based strategies from the Alzheimer's Association Dementia Care Practice Recommendations that have been supported by more than 30 leading health and senior care organizations. View and print a summary of academic research and national awards related to CARES® online training programs.

About Alzheimer’s Association essentiALZ® Plus Certification

Each person who completes CARES® Activities of Daily Living is eligible to take the Alzheimer’s Association essentiALZ® Plus Activities of Daily Living certification exam. Individual essentiALZ certification is ideal for staff members at nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospice, home and health organizations, adult day programs, governmental and social service agencies, and police, fire, and other first responders.

Note: In order to get certified in essentiALZ Plus Activities of Daily Living, you must first complete CARES® Dementia Basics and have Alzheimer’s Association essentiALZ certification. Certifications are good for two years.

Other Benefits

CARES Activities of Daily Living offers additional benefits such as:

  1. Alzheimer’s Association essentiALZ® Plus certification
  2. Free CARES® Worksheets for each training module
  3. Individual pricing and site license purchasing options

CARES Administrative Portal access

With any site license purchase, you will receive access to our CARES Administrative Portal to:

  1. Manage training compliance.
  2. Evaluate the individual progress of all staff members.
  3. Run customized reports for any time period.
  4. Download detailed documentation including employee name, module status, and date of program completion.
  5. Print individual completion certificates for group training sessions.